Patricia Lake Bungalows

Patricia Lake Mountain Goats
Patricia Lake Bungalows
Welcome to Patricia Lake Bungalows

The peace and quiet we experience everyday is one of the things you will cherish.

High in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, overlooking a calm crystal clear lake you will find us.

Located at the end of a private road, Patricia Lake bungalows offers a kind of peace and quiet that few people have experienced.

Located just 5 minutes from Jasper, Patricia Lake Bungalows provides its guests with a place to experience the beauty of nature, a place away from the daily stresses of life and a place to recharge body and soul…

Patricia Lake Bungalows

A Little Bit o’ History…

In the 1940’s Patricia Lake was chosen as the location for the WWII top secret project code named project “Habakukk”. This project was the vision of Winston Churchill who wanted to build a ship of ice that would allow planes to land, refuel, and continue on their missions of protecting merchant ships.

Several factors contributed to the demise of the Habbakuk. The key players in the project believed it was no longer needed and in the fall of 1943 the fully operational Habbakuk was stripped of its reusable parts and sunk to the bottom of Patricia Lake, forever secret.

Now vacant, the area around Patricia Lake became an autocamp for travellers and campers. The original owners and builders of Patricia Lake Bungalows, the Houg family, purchased the leasehold from Parks Canada in the mid 50’s and built what you now see as the cottages here at Patricia Lake.

The Stranger Within Our Gates

May this room be your “second” home. May those you love be near you in thoughts and dreams.

Even though we may not get to know you we hope that you will be as comfortable and happy as if you were in your own home.

Birch Trees Interior of our Cabin

Our Story – The D’Heer Family

45 years ago, our grandmother, Maria D’Heer visited a friend in Jasper who told her about a little cabin place down the road that was for sale. Gramma D’Heer decided to take a chance and along with her only son Steve and his wife Lucille, they decided to purchase Patricia Lake Bungalows. Gramma, Steve, and Lucille were no strangers to hard work and what started as a business venture turned out to become a labor of love and a beloved family jewel. Our family farmed near Edmonton in spring and fall and ran the cabin resort through the summer. Mom and Dad had three children and Patricia Lake became the beloved summer home for all of us. My wife Sue and I moved to Jasper in 1989 to begin our experience, and family, at the lake. We are proud to say our children, Nathan and Amanda, are both involved in the operation of Patricia Lake Bungalows. Nathan has taken a lead role at the lake in operations, as well as starting his own dive company and Amanda is working alongside Sue in guest services. Our family remains dedicated to hosting the thousands of guests we are fortunate to meet. With lots of love, dedication, and effort we attempt to make Patricia Lake Bungalows a memorable vacation destination for all who come to our doorstep.

If you are a returning guest, we can’t wait to see you again. If this is your first time to the mountains, we can’t wait to meet you and show you our little Gem in the Canadian Rockies!

Safe Travels.

Sincerely,Dwayne's Signature